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Glitex Face Wash

Rejuvenates Skin Through Exfoliation
Key Ingredients :
Liquorice Ext
Multifruit BSC
Vitamin E
In mild cleansing base with skin conditioners.
Glitex is a mild face wash which Improves skin texture and  tone. Rejuvenates the skin by helping easy shedding of dead skin cells. Cleanses sticky oil secretion & unblocks the skin pores effectively during acne conditions. Conditions and Moisturises the skin to make it hydrated and velvety smooth. Helps reducing superficial wrinkles. All together Glitex face wash makes skin to 'Look & Feel' 'Glittery Radiant, Smooth & Spotless'.
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S. Thakkar
During Covid 19 pandemic - use of alcohol based sanitizers are used extensively. Now time has come to switch over with SAFEST - SILVER BASED HYGIENE PRODUCTS  read more »
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