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Obolim capsules

Ingredient :
Garcinea Extract 400 mg
Standardized to 60% of its active content Hydroxy Citric Acid i.e. 240 mg HCA in each vegetarian capsule
Obolim Capsule

Mode of Action

Obolim Capsule offers 2 very SIMPLE-SURE-SAFE mode of actions resulting in to weight loss.

1)      Preventing formation of FATS from excess Carbohydrates by deactivating Responsible Enzyme – Citrate Lyase. Such Carbohydrates which are not converted to fats are stored as Glycogen in Liver Cells.  No new fat formation forces body to utilize reserved stored fats to use as energy when required, resulting in to Weight Loss.

2)      Stored Glycogen in Liver Cells increases SEROTONIN Levels – a neurotransmitter signalling brain to indicate SATIETY(feeling of fullness) thus resulting in to reduced appetite, feeling of fullness, improved mood and sleep.  Less intake through such scenario results in utilization of reserved fats by body for energy required.  Ultimately Weight Loss is achieved without any unwanted side effects.

1)      Promotes healthy Weight Loss with Light Exercise and Minimal Diet Care.
2)      Simple-Sure-Safe mode of action ensures No Rebound Weight Gain.

Best Results:
Obolim Capsules provide best results of Weight Loss when combined with daily regular exercise to burn the excess stored fats and calorie restricted diet with the advice of Doctor/Dietician.  For best results, 12 week Obolim Course is recommended.

1 cap 3 times a day 30 to 60 minutes before meals.  Please refer to leaflet inside the box for exact dosage schedule as per BMI(Body Mass Index) deciding the class of Obesity.

 Who should not take Obolim?
Obolim is not recommended to Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers.

Who should take Obolim under Doctor’s Observation?
Diabetic patients should take Obolim under Doctor’s observation as Doctor may require to alter dosage of anti diabetic medicines currently being taken to control blood sugar.
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