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S. Thakkar
S. Thakkar Posted On: May 13, 2020

‘Remember India’ develops Chemical free – Alcohol Free: Silver Based Solutions to Fight COVID 19 Pandemic Situation. 
A Small Effort to Contribute in – Saving India from Covid 19 Pandemic

Sanisol Liquid Spray  : 20 ppm Colloidal Silver Skin Care Solution – Kills 99.9% Germs Effectively to provide ultimate hygiene.
(300 ml Mist Spray, 500 ml Trigger Spray, 2.5 lit & 5.0 litre) SAFEST & MOST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION - for ‘Skin Care, Sanitation  of Clinics, Mfg. Units, Houses, High Rise Building, Cars, Pets, Over Head Water Tanks, Costly Machineries’ etc.

Sanit-Ag : ALCOHOL FREE – Hand Hygiene Gel – 20 ppm Colloidal Silver + Aloevera 2.0%
No more alcohol based sanitizers – for ADULTS & CHILDREN – safest SANIT-Ag Hand Hygiene Gel - Kills 99.9% Germs Effectively to provide ultimate hygiene.

Provide SAFETY to children in school bags and pockets, to keep it in your pocket, purses, gift to a friend during Swacch Bharat Abhiyan etc.

Remember India, a Rajkot – Gujarat based cosmeceutical organisation since 2002 endorsed by the Department of FDA - Gujarat, has come up with a non-alcoholic aqueous-based Colloidal Silver solution uniquely made from its Nano technology for disinfecting hands and environmental surfaces.
This liquid is non- flammable and free of hazardous chemicals and can be an effective sanitizer to prevent the spread of the infection through contact – the prime method of transmission of the pandemic, thereby protecting health professionals and other infected people.
The colloidal silver solution of ‘Remember India’, which are based on the ability of the silver nanoparticles to prevent the synthesis of viral negative-strand RNA and viral budding, is free from hazardous chemicals and has no risk of in flammability compared to alcohol-based disinfectants.
The solution has undergone lab testing, and the manufacturers have received the test reports from NABL approved lab. “With our solution, we are positive to reduce the number in infection spread and helping India to be infection-free,” said Mr. Shailesh Thakkar- founder of the group ‘Remember India’
Silver nanoparticles have been found to be an effective antiviral which act against many deadly viruses like HIV, Hepatitis B, Herpes simplex virus, Influenza virus, and so on. Defense Medical College Research Institute, Saitama, Japan, suggests Silver based materials will be able to prevent the contact infection of health care workers (HCWs), besides preventing patient infection. Thus colloidal silver on which the technology of the sanitizers of ‘Remember India’ is based can help arrest besides almost all deadly bacteria’s including MRSA, Fungi & Virus spread by killing them with electro-magnetic mode of action to destroy  cell membrane of deadly micro – organisms. 

For further details, contact
Shailesh Thakkar
Founder, Chairman & Managing Director of ‘Remember India’
Email: chairman@rememberindia.com
Mob: 98250 79093

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S. Thakkar
During Covid 19 pandemic - use of alcohol based sanitizers are used extensively. Now time has come to switch over with SAFEST - SILVER BASED HYGIENE PRODUCTS  read more »
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