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  QLINDERM Body Wash  
Body Wash for all SKIN TYPES
  Pack :200 ml and 500 ml  
  Dermolift Cream  
Cream for Under Eye Dark Circles/Immediate Wrinkle Lift Dermolift combines sugar based Tensor ingredient Osilift 4% (derivded from OATS) - which provides immediate wrinkle lifting because of its oside chains-which adhers to
  Pack :15 g Acrylic Jar  
  Glyvera - Transparent Bar  
For Dry Skin Conditions
Hydrates and refreshes the skin.Gains and retains the moisture.
  Pack :75 g Cake  
  Neokeed Oil  
To replenish everyday moisture loss of delicate skin
Post bath application provides effective moisture gain and prevents the loss of moisture to baby's tender thinner skin by providing 'Curtain like Occlusion'.
  Pack :50 & 100 ml hygienic pet bottle.  
  Privilege Doctor's Area  
S. Thakkar
Dry skin is a very common skin condition characterized by abnormal or excessive dryness of skin. While dry skin tends to affect males and females equally, older individua...  read more »
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